BOSE 55WER-S ペアセット

ワンピースカード TOTORO SAKETEN様専用 ニコン Ai NIKKOR 85mm F2 【美品】ONKYO INTEC205システムコンポ

It's cheap and tastes great.



Taste very nice.




place: 24h supermarket 

Black Rice

No.2 Black Rice

Taiwan’s black rice is very cheap.

And Black Rice is very healthy.



place:24h supermarket



place:24h supermarket


Fragrant Plastic Bag


Fragrant Plastic Bag


place:24h supermarket


Traditional badge(pass) holder

Place: airport
Price: 599元







一番くじ ワンピース エモーショナルストーリーズ ローu0026コラソン ラストワン賞 IROBOT ルンバ 876 S.H.MonsterArts モンスターアーツ モゲラ

Today I want to recommend you the Black rice ball in Taiwan.

We can have a big rice ball in Taiwan.

It's a local Taiwan menu.

But, I want to show you a nice black rice ball at 員林商店(YuanRinShanDiaen).

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It takes about 15minutes from MRT Tongmen(東門)




黒飯団 Black rice bowl

and I ordered black soy milk.

black soy milk

It's nice with the rice ball.

Black soy milk has a more savory smell than normal soy milk.

It's not sweet so you can have it with a rice ball.



Business Hours:AM6:00~PM19:30


新品 BILLYKIRK ビリーカーク キャリーバッグ ブラウン オールレザー 釜飯用の釜 10点セット 【動作良好】羽根のない扇風機 Dyson ダイソン Hot Cool AM04

豊盛食堂 in Taiwan, at MRT Toumen station(東門).



 It takes about 2minutes from MRT Toumen station.


Dual Bose S1 demo and review

This restaurant does not have a written menu.


point at the picture of the cooked dishes.

very easy.


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3-1 Combo Bose Hiếm Gặp,Chân Dài 55WER-S Cùng Đại Gia SW-4
dried cauliflower

The dried cauliflower soak up a lot of flavor.

So, It's nice with white rice.

let's try it!!



Cấu hình khủng BOSE 5.1 gồm Sub SW-4, loa Cột 55WER, center 33WER | ZALO/SĐT: O9O8.27.28.12
wild vegetable



Thank you for the dish


BOSE 55wer hay và hiếm | Hàng thị trường Nhật | HCM LH SĐT/Zalo 0908 27 28 12.

But I missed one dish called 煎板條. 

spring roll


It's not costly and you can try a local dinner in this restaurant.


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3-1 Combo Bose Hiếm Gặp,Chân Dài 55WER-S Cùng Đại Gia SW-4.Cấu hình khủng BOSE 5.1 gồm Sub SW-4, loa Cột 55WER, center 33WER | ZALO/SĐT: O9O8.27.28.12.BOSE 55wer hay và hiếm | Hàng thị trường Nhật | HCM LH SĐT/Zalo 0908 27 28 12..1/7 Chân Dài 1,2M Bose 55Wer-S Kèm Chân Zin.Dòng loa Trợ lời cao cấp..【BOSE 改造!6.4㎝フルレンジ1発で35㎐再生】『 55WER Acoustic Wave 』+『ピアレス PLS-P830985』アコースティック・ウェーブガイド[比較試聴No.088].BOSE 4702 III cùng chân dài BOSE 55WER nghe hay bày đẹp | Zalo: O9O8272812.Bose Soundbar Universal Remote - システムとのペアリング.オーディオスピーカー聴比べ‼第二弾‼BOSE vs JBL vs SONY (日/英)字幕有.Bose Soundbar System Bundle – 開梱とセットアップ.6-13|Test thử Loa Bose WER 55 mua ở siêu thị đồ cũ cho anh em nghe.(tôi ở nhật TV).ボーズのワイヤレスヘッドホン – Bluetooth®機器に接続できない.ボーズBluetooth®スピーカーやサウンドバー – Bluetooth機器に接続できない.新型ハリアーのJBLとcx5のBOSE聞き比べ!.Bose TV speaker レビュー【接続方法や音質について】.【圧倒的重低音】BOSE サウンドバー 【徹底比較】オススメのモデルは???.Bose s1Pro VS Alto TS408 - A new winner in portable speakers?.オーマイガー!! BOSEの新製品スピーカー SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth® speaker.予算 2万円で『35㎐~20K㎐までフラット』なスピーカーを製作しました。名機スピーカー『ビクターSX-100』を改造 FOSTEX10cmフルレンジ『FE103NV』 [比較試聴No.080].スピーカーセッティングのコツ.Dual Bose S1 demo and review.Bose S1 Pro PA system - Jirehsupplies













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